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South Shore SchoolsPlus, piloted in 2008 in the Chester sub-system of schools, was developed by the province to assist children, youth and families in Nova Scotia to succeed in school, as families and within the community.

The goal of South Shore SchoolsPlus is to deliver services to families in familiar, comfortable and welcoming locations - their local school. In addition, SchoolsPlus works with community groups, families and organizations, including: health, education, justice, and community services agencies.

South Shore SchoolsPlus currently run over 40 youth, community, and school-developed program. Programs respond to needs identified by youth, families and communities and are often developed by youth and their families with the support of the South Shore SchoolPlus team.

In 2014-15 South Shore SchoolsPlus will provide services to the following schools:

Queens County sub-systems:  Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy, Mill Village Consolidated School, South Queens Jr. High School, Liverpool Regional High School, North Queens Community School, and Greenfield Elementary School.

New Germany sub system: New Germany Rural High School, New Germany Elementary School, and West Northfield Elementary School.

Town of Bridgewater schools: Bridgewater Elementary School, and Bridgewater Junior High School.

Chester sub-system: Aspotogan Elementary School, Chester District Elementary School, Chester Area Middle School, New Ross Consolidated School, and Forest Heights Community School.

Referrals for support from SchoolsPlus may be initiated by staff, guardians or community members.

Please contact:
Shannon Vincent, BSW, RSW
Associate Facilitator
69 Wentzell Drive
Bridgewater, NS
(902) 523-1451

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